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Just as you switch over your closet when the temperature dips, a change in seasons is a good time to switch up your goals, motivations, and even the colors you wear. The energy still radiating from the fall equinox, as well as the energy from the recent full moon in Aries, may make you feel like whatever goals, dreams, and priorities you manifested in the summer just aren’t working this fall. If you feel confused, conflicted, or unsure of next steps this month, one great way to make a powerful change is to change up the colors you’re wearing. Use this guide to find out what color your body is craving, and how to use it to maximize and manifest your goals and dreams! —The editors.

In “healing” speak, the chakras represent the seven energy centers of the body. Running from the bottom of the tailbone up to the crown of the head, these seven spots are especially key for harnessing our full potential. That’s because our life force energy (some might call it “spirit”) runs through these cosmic portals, “powering up” different organs and, in turn, ruling different areas of our lives.

Optimum wellbeing is the result of all seven chakras spinning at full speed, while blockages in any area can lead to dis-ease—often showing as emotional issues first, going on to manifest as physical ailments if not addressed.

So, how to get your chakras spinning at top velocity? Since each chakra is represented by a different color, the color of your outfit can help “charge up” the energy center that needs a boost. It’s a genius practice that, as a New York transplant who has most definitely adopted the local tradition of mainly wearing black, isn’t always the easiest to follow. That’s why I often wear just a touch of the chakra power color I need—a canary-yellow bra, a green crystal pendant, hot pink socks….
There’s a total guide to the chakra system in my book, Material Girl, Mystical World, but check out the below tips on how to find the color that will make you feel—and radiate—amazing vibes!

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